Friday, September 16, 2011

Daily Lafferty - # 6

'Oh, the faces, the faces! It's the billions of faces... staring up at me from the implicit clay, through the pavements, through the structures, through the sidewalks. Wherever I step I'm stepping on those waiting faces.'

-R. A. Lafferty, 'Smoe and the Implicit Clay'


Andrew said...

Ah, Smoe. Another of my favorites among the uncollecteds. I especially like how he blends in a piece of American GI myth (Kilroy) with all his other influences.

Used the story in the first paper I ever gave on Lafferty, talking about the trope of the "hidden Indian" and how Native American stories and techniques pervade his fiction, even when (especially when?) not explicitly recognized.

I used it alongside Narrow Valley, and Okla Hannali of course, specifically Hannali's confrontations with Whiteman Falaya. I disagree with some of what I said now, but I still am very interested in tracking those influences (and hope to secure an essay soon from a recognized expert in that area for the collection).

Philip said...

Even if you no longer agree with them, could you post your earlier essays somewhere. I am sure they would be interesting.

Daniel Otto Jack Petersen said...

I just obtained this story very recently and read it for the first time. It BLEW MY MIND. Easily in the top five faves for me. I think it's interesting also as, in some respects, an extraterrestrial companion piece to the terrestrial 'Days of Grass, Days of Straw'.

I can't believe there are still utter GEMS by Lafferty out there that I've not yet read. It's a pleasing, if frustrating, prospect.

I hope you find someone to write that paper.

'It was all strong talk with the horns and hooves still on it.'
(R. A. Lafferty, The Devil is Dead)