Tuesday, February 25, 2014

new Lafferty Facebook Page

A Facebook 'author' page already exists, but it's been dead in the water for several years now.  I decided to make a page under the category of 'community'.  It's not a 'group' that you ask to be 'added' to, but rather a page that you 'like'.  I'm using it to promote appreciation of Lafferty's body of work.  I'm putting up some nice photo albums of the varied editions of his works.  So far you can see book covers for Past Master, Space Chantey, The Reefs of EarthFourth Mansions, and Nine Hundred Grandmothers - all in a number of editions including some Italian, Dutch, and Japanese.  You are also able to comment on any posts, so discussion is available and welcome.  Please go 'like' it and let's build this thing up!  (The aforementioned unused 'author' page had 176 likes, so I imagine we can eventually do better than that as Lafferty's star slowly rises.)


https://www.facebook.com/ralaffertyfans <== just click on this link to go to the FB page

'It was all strong talk with the horns and hooves still on it.'
(R. A. Lafferty, The Devil is Dead)