Sunday, August 28, 2011

We Must Find NEW GIANTS, or We Must Drown

“The world is dying of anemia, you know, for lack of input.”

“The world is doomed unless it can find new input to revivify its bloodstream.”

-R. A. Lafferty, East of Laughter, p. 109

An article by Mr. Hennessee from the Dublin Docket:

“The world is being strangled to death by lack of input.’ (p. 110)

“It is the business of science to answer the question What?, but it is not the business of science to answer the questions How? and Why?” (p. 111)

An article by Mr. Delany from the Dublin Docket:

“The world is being strangled by lack of input.” (p. 111)

“It has been stated (falsely) that it is the business of science to get answers to the static question What?, but this is not correct. It is the business of science to answer the kinetic question: What seems to be going on anyhow? This requires science carefully to analyze the several subjective wrappers that enclose every what in the world. If the subjective wrapper is a mythological one, why should we take exception to it? If a giant named Atrox Fabulinus and six fellow giants are felt to have been writing the world heretofore, then let us at least examine the Atrox legend

“Why am I, the renowned Daniel Delany, top scientist and scholar, jabbering such nonsense as this in print? For this reason: When we wade into the treacherous waters of reality, science serves us remarkably well at first. When we wade out where the waters of survival are ankle-deep, science is our staunch friend. When we wade out where the waters of survival are more than arse-deep, forget your science! Latch onto something more aerated, something with more flotation to it. And we are suddenly, without knowing how it happened, chin-deep in the waters of survival, and the cross-currents are quite tricky. We must find New Giants, or we must drown.”


An article by Mr. Monroney from the Dublin Docket:

“In this horrifying emergency, I can only advise, as a scientist and man-of-letters: Be brave, be hopeful, Do Nothing.” (p.113)

“The failure of worldwide input is only the failure of grace.” (p. 118; said by Father Joseph Kirkpatrick from the Scottish coast.)

“Do you believing in Giants?” Jane Hunting-Horn Chantal asked [Father Kirkpatrick].

“Of course I believe in giants…

“I mean the Writing Giants who write the world?”

“They would have no power if it were not given to them from above… Be cheerful all, and walk in the Faith and the Light.” (pp. 118-119)

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'It was all strong talk with the horns and hooves still on it.'
(R. A. Lafferty, The Devil is Dead)